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J. R. R. Tolkien

Painstakingly restored from Tolkiens manuscripts and presented for the first time as a standalone work, the epic tale of The Fall of Gondolin will reunite fans of The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings with Elves and Men, Balrogs, Dragons and Orcs and the rich landscape and creatures unique to Tolkiens Middle-earth.

In the Tale of The Fall of Gondolin are two of the greatest powers in the world. There is Morgoth of the uttermost evil, unseen in this story but ruling over a vast military power from his fortress of Angband. Deeply opposed to Morgoth is Ulmo, second in might only to Manwe, chief of the Valar.

Central to this enmity of the gods is the city of Gondolin, beautiful but undiscoverable. It was built and peopled by Noldorin Elves who, when they dwelt in Valinor, the land of the gods, rebelled against their rule and fled to Middle-earth. Turgon King of Gondolin is hated and feared above all his enemies by Morgoth, who seeks in vain to discover the marvellously hidden city, while the gods in Valinor in heated debate largely refuse to intervene in support of Ulmos desires and designs.

Into this world comes Tuor, cousin of Turin, the instrument of Ulmos designs. Guided unseen by him Tuor sets out from the land of his birth on the fearful journey to Gondolin, and in one of the most arresting moments in the history of Middle-earth the sea-god himself appears to him, rising out of the ocean in the midst of a storm. In Gondolin he becomes great

The good professor may have disdained the use of allegory but it is very hard not to find parallels between his own posthumous book The Fall of Gondolin (2018), edited by his late son Christopher, and events unfolding across both the United States and Europe today.

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The Fall of Gondolin was the first story in the Middle-Earth mythos Tolkien penned, and this new volume documenting the evolution of the cornerstone of his world-building is a fitting final project for...


FALL OF GONDOLIN is a trade mark of The Tolkien Estate Limited It is with great pleasure that we can announce that our Demo Recording of Paul Corfield Godfrey’s operatic work “The Fall of Gondolin” after the mythology of J. R. R. Tolkien will be released by ASC …


® and "Tolkien"®, "Fall of Gondolin"® are registered trade marks of The Tolkien Estate Limited. List of Illustrations. Prologue. The fall of gondolin. The Original Tale. The Earliest Text.


'Fall of Gondolin' project leader Andrew Graham. To Turgon Tuor spoke of the fall of Gondolin and the wasting of his people if he did not take up arms against the threat of Morgoth. 99.88 TRY. Following his presentation of Beren and Luthien Christopher Tolkien has used the same 'history in sequence' mode in the writing of this edition of The Fall of Gondolin.


The tale of the Fall of Gondolin follows Tuor, a hero of men and the end of days in the City of Gondolin. Gondolin was one of the last refuges of the Noldor ... The Fall of Gondolin ismiyle çıkacak olan yeni kitap, Christopher Tolkien tarafından düzenlenirken, Alan Lee tarafından çizime döküldü. Geçen sene yayımlanan Beren ve Lúthien’den sonra karşımıza bir Tolkien kitabı daha çıkması hepimiz için büyük bir gelişme ve mutluluk sebebi diyebiliriz.