Star Wars Character Encyclopedia Updated Edition.pdf

Star Wars Character Encyclopedia Updated Edition PDF

Dorling Kindersley

Star Wars: Character Encyclopedia is the definitive guide to the people, aliens and droids of the Star Wars galaxy and is now bigger and better than ever before, packed with new characters from Star Wars Episode VII The Force Awakens. Want to know how tall Darth Vader is? Or where the ferocious Nexu comes from? Look no further than the Star Wars: Character Encyclopedia. This handy guide is full of fun facts and intriguing information, including never-before-seen information revealing characters back stories and personalities. With over 200 heroes, villains, monsters and more, Star Wars: Character Encyclopedia is guaranteed to enthral for hours on end.

Sayfa Sayısı: 224

Baskı Yılı: 2016

Dili: İngilizce
Yayınevi: Dorling Kindersley Publisher

Look no further than the Star Wars Character Encyclopedia: Updated and Expanded. Ultimate Star Wars New Edition is the ideal go-to resource for fans who wish to brush up on their Star Wars... ever before, and. packed with new Star. ... Star Wars Character Encyclopedia, Updated and Expanded ... This. updated and expanded. edition contains 72 ...

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