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Jodi Picoult

Zoe Baxter has spent ten years trying to get pregnant, and just when shes about to get her hearts desire, tragedy destroys her world. In the aftermath of loss and divorce, she throws herself into her career as a music therapist. Working with Vanessa, she finds their relationship moving from business, to friendship, and then to Zoes surprise blossoming into love. When Zoe allows herself to start thinking of children again, she remembers that there are still frozen embryos that she and her husband never used. But Max, having sought peace at the bottom of a bottle, has found redemption in an evangelical church, and Zoe needs his permission to take his unborn child ... Sıng You Home is accompanied by a soundtrack of original songs created for the novel by Jodi Picoult and Ellen Wilber, available to download or listen to online.

Baskı Yılı: 2011

Dili: İngilizce
Yayınevi: Hodder Ome

Sing You Home. After Zoe and Max's last attempt to conceive fails tragically, their marriage breaks apart. Sing You Home is an honest and moving story of contemporary relationships and the...

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Try Slack for free with your teammates. All it takes is an email address to get started. Sing You Home book. Read 6932 reviews from the world's largest community for readers. After Zoe Baxter loses her baby, the only way she can find of copi...


Sing You Home is about identity, love, marriage, and parenthood. It’s about people wanting to do the right thing for the greater good, even as they work to fulfill their own personal desires and dreams.


SING YOU HOME explores what it means to be gay in today's world, and how reproductive science has outstripped the legal system. Are embryos people or ... Inhaltsangabe zu "Sing You Home". You can't choose who you love ... Number One bestselling author Jodi Picoult's new novel asks what it takes to make ...


Inhaltsangabe zu "Sing You Home". You can't choose who you love ... Number One bestselling author Jodi Picoult's new novel asks what it takes to make ...

ÇELİK YILDIRIM home Home, sing you home Stop shhh, listen 'cause the stars are trying to sing you home. every song is a stepping stone Kinda like the way it feels when you let the stars sing you home Home Song lyrics created for Sing You Home copyright (c) 2011 by Jodi Picoult and Ellen. Wilber. Sing you home : a novel / by Jodi Picoult.--1st Atria Books hardcover ed.