Selected Aphorisms from Nietzsches Retrospect of his Years of Friendship with Wagner.pdf

Selected Aphorisms from Nietzsches Retrospect of his Years of Friendship with Wagner PDF

Friedrich Nietzsche

“A symbolic interpretation has been affixed to it, a sort of philological commentary, which sets fetters upon the inner and free understanding of the imagination it is tyrannical. Music is the language of the commentator, who talks the whole of the time and gives us no breathing space. Moreover his is a difficult language which also requires to be explained. He who step by step has mastered, first the libretto (language!), then converted it into action in his mind’s eye, then sought out and understood, and became familiar with the musical symbolism thereto: aye, and has fallen in love with all three things: such a man then experiences a great joy. But how exacting! It is quite impossible to do this save for a few short moments, such tenfold attention on the part of one’s eyes, ears, understanding, and feeling, such acute activity in apprehending without any productive reaction, is far too exhausting! Only the very fewest behave in this way: how is it then that so many are affected? Because most people are only intermittingly attentive, and are inattentive for sometimes whole passages at a stretch

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aphorisms themselves has given the critical scholar far richer analytical detail than ... event in the history of ideas inaugurated by Nietzsche in the last year of his productive ... however fair – but no longer those of Fellowship – thi...


Selected Aphorisms from Nietzsches Retrospect of his Years of Friendship with Wagner . Summer 1878 . 6 . 35 . Wagners Teutonism 36 37 38 . 41 . 44 . 48 . 50 . Selected Aphorisms from Nietzsche's Retrospect of his Years of Friendship with Wagner - Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche hızlı kargo, uygun fiyat ayrıcalığı ve taksit seçenekleriyle İstanbul Kitapçısı'ndan satın alın!


...Contra Wagner, and Selected Aphorisms by Friedrich Nietzsche. resulted in the conclusion of his friendship with the composer. who cared nothing for the years of my old sentimentalism.


17 Mar 2017 ... Nietzsche's friendship with Wagner (and Cosima Liszt Wagner) lasted into ... in the last year of his productive life Twilight of the Idols (1888) and The Wagner ... and Ecce Homo, as well as a selection of writing from...


TheProjectGutenbergEBookofTheCaseOfWagner,Niet- zscheContraWagner,andSelectedAphorisms. byFriedrich Nietzsche. ThiseBookisfortheuseofanyoneanywhereatnocostand ...