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Owen Edwards

Into the wild.

Journey into the world of Peter Beard.

Photographer, collector, diarist, and writer of books Peter Beard has fashioned his life into a work of art

The Story of the Company! When Oregon was just a territory and not yet an admitted state, the grand-grand father of our company's founder has arrived there. With the love for trailblazing the beautiful...

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Peter Beard (American, 1938-2020) was a photographer and writer known for his collage work and extensive diaries. While moving around between Long Island ... Peter Hill Beard was born on January 22, 1938, an heir to the Hill railroad fortune . At the age of 17, he accompanied the explorer Quentin Keynes (great-grandson  ...


20 Apr 2020 ... Peter Beard, the influential photographer renowned for his wildlife shots, was found dead after going missing several weeks ago. He was 82 ...


By his own account the black sheep of an illustrious family, Peter Hill Beard was born in Manhattan on Jan. 22, 1938, to Anson McCook Beard and Roseanne (Hoar) Beard.


Taschen, Peter Beard, Multilingual Edition published in English, French, and German, available March 31, 2020 in Europe, and April 30, 2020 for the United States and the rest of the world. In 2006, TASCHEN first published the book that has come to define his oeuvre, signed by the artist and published in two volumes. It sold out instantly and became a highly sought-after collector’s item. 20.04.2020


20 Apr 2020 ... Peter Beard lived an extraordinary life. Best known for his fearless wildlife photography and similarly wild personal exploits, Beard traversed the ... 20 Apr 2020 ... The famous photographer Peter Beard disappeared at the age of 82. Discover his life with us.