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Lauren Child

In this deliciously funny picture book from Childrens Laureate Lauren Child a child really wants a pet - but Mum, Dad, Granny and Grandad arent keen on any of her ideas! Sheep are forever following you around, an octopus would leave eight dirty footprints wherever it went and boa constrictors have a habit of wrapping themselves around you and squeezing too tightly... Can she find a pet that will please everyone? Perfect for any child who has ever wanted a pet, and any parent who has ever objected!

Here's today's essential Flickr set for both your cute and your geeky needs. Here's today's essential Fl HGTV shares tips for adjusting your pet to a new house. Make the transition as smooth as paw-sible. Trust us: There's no better day to send your furbaby to Grandma's than the day when all their treasured toys and blankets are being tucked a...

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Above all I want a murloc pet that doesn't require an immense amount of luck and money outside of the game. I also want a little baby warp stalker.


A: But mommy I really want a pet dog and you get anything for my birthday. B: It's not going to be as easy as you think. A: Just watch me, when I want something I never give up. A child wants a pet but everyone keeps making silly objections in this deliciously droll picture book from Lauren Child, the Children's Laureate. I Want a Pet. £7.99.