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Beer lovers will toast the arrival of these perfectly sized home brewers labels. The 160 stickers (enough to cover 40 bottles) include space for the name, beer type and date brewed for an easily customisable look that allows for optimal organisation. With innovative designs reflecting the quality of home-crafted beers and ciders, these labels are an essential finishing touch to any batch of tasty brews.

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I am a long-time member and current president of the New York City Home Brewer's Guild. Bottling! So, at this point, your beer is done fermenting, and you're ready to get it in the bottles. Making Your Own Beer at Home. Early beer bottles always included a credit stamped on the bottle which indicated the name of the brewer and the date it was produced.


19 Feb 2014 ... What are those "floaties" you may have seen in a bottle of craft beer? Bob Brewer explains in this edition of "Ask Bob Brewer." You can always reuse the beer bottles and also store them. Homebrewers like to use bottles with swing caps on them, but not all do. If your prefer standard bottles,  ...


Here's everything you need to pick the perfect beer bottle for your hand-crafted home brew. The classic choice is the 12 ounce long neck beer bottles brewers have chosen for over a century.


750ml beer bottles - set of 12 amber PET plastic beer bottles. Plastic screw caps are included. Both caps and bottles are reusable for your home brew. PET bottles are great for reducing the risk of bottle bombs, as they are able to stretch slightly and if they do fail under pressure then there are no glass shards. Home Brew Bottling Calculator. To bottle 5 gallons of home brew beer: 54 of the standard 12 oz bottles. 38 of the half liter (16.9oz) bottles. 30 of the 22 ounce bottles. 10 of the 64 ounce (half gallon) growlers. 4 of the 5 liter mini kegs. It is more fun to do a mix.


Most home brewers don't like the feel and appearance of plastic beer bottles but they work great. If you use them make sure to remove the labels so that someone will not pick up a bottle of beer...