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Set in dynamic, chaotic Instanbul, Fiasco begins just as a lonely, depressed man trying to commit suicide answers a call from a wrong number. Soon other people complicate things further. An inexperienced young man who is determined to kill his rich, older wife... His jealous wife, who may be rich and old but is no idiot... A fearless mistress, ready to bring down the world in order to steal her lover from his wife... A mafia gang of four psychopath kilers... Throw in a father about to die from an extreme form of nostalgia called nostomania

A fiasco is a disaster. It's not a natural disaster — like an earthquake or a volcano; a fiasco is usually the result of human failure. fiasco (n.) 1855, theater slang for "a failure in performance;" by 1862 it had acquired the general sense of "any ignominious failure or dismal flop," on or off the stage. It comes via the French phrase faire fiasco "turn out a failure" (19c.), from Italian far fiasco "suffer a complete breakdown in performance," literally "make a bottle," from

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Apr 4, 2012 ... Each Fiasco scenario has the players roll a set of dice and then take turns allocating each of these dice rolls to a detail. It might be a relationship ...




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Councilwoman Vivian Moreno argued that the fiasco represents fraud, and said she doesn’t buy the official story that it all grew out of bureaucratic incompetence. Morning Report: Coronado’s Backlash to the Racism Backlash Voice of San Diego August 19, 2020 Voice of San Diego


Fiasco is a role-playing game by Jason Morningstar, independently published by Bully Pulpit Games. It is marketed as a " GM -less game for 3–5 players, designed to be played in a few hours with six-sided dice and no preparation". FIASCO is an award-winning story-telling game inspired by cinematic tales of small-time capers gone disastrously wrong. You’ll tell a story about ordinary people with powerful ambition and poor impulse control!