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Crops And Methods For Soil Improvement PDF

Alva Agee

This book is not a technical treatise and is designed only to point out the plain, every-day facts in the natural scheme of making and keeping soils productive. It is concerned with the crops, methods, and fertilizers that favor the soil. The viewpoint, all the time, is that of the practical man who wants cash compensation for the intelligent care he gives to his land. The farming that leads into debt, and not in the opposite direction, is poor farming, no matter how well the soil may prosper under such treatment. The maintenance and increase of soil fertility go hand in hand with permanent income for the owner when the science that relates to farming is rightly used. Experiment stations and practical farmers have developed a dependable science within recent years, and there is no jarring of observed facts when we get hold of the simple philosophy of it all.

Start by marking "Crops and Methods for Soil Improvement" as Want to Read A water-logged soil is helpless. It cannot provide available plant-food, air, and warmth to plants.

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Read chapter 5 Technologies for Soil Improvement: Increased agricultural productivity is a major stepping stone on the path out of poverty in sub-Saharan ... Soil-Improving Cropping Systems · No · Soil threat-specific SICS · Priority crop types · Priority agro-management techniques.


Alva Agee, Crops and Methods for Soil Improvement en uygun fiyatıyla'da. Tüm siparişlere not defteri ve kitap hediye! Güvenilir ve uygun fiyatlı |a Crops and methods for soil improvement / |c by Alva Agee, M.S., Head of Department of Agricultural Extension Acting Dean and Director of the School of Agriculture and Experiment Station of The Pennsylvania State College. 264: 1


Soil-building strategies like green manuring and cover cropping rely on a unique ability of a group of plants, the legumes, to 'fix' nitrogen. Title : Crops and Methods for Soil Improvement; Author : Alva Agee; ISBN 13 : 9789383382446; Year : 2017; MRP : Rs 1100; Selling Price : Rs 924; Discount ...


29.10.2007 Crops and Methods for Soil Improvement. This book covers the following topics: Natural strength of land, Plant constituents, Organic matter, Drainage, The Need of Lime, Applying Lime, Crop-rotation, Fertilizers , Tillage, Control of soil moisture. Author(s): Alva Agee


Crops and methods for soil improvement by Alva Agee is a good informational book on crops and various constituents that help in enriching the soil. While the book is quite informational what it really lacked was a good structure to it. I couldn't figure out the central theme and parts looked a bit disparate.